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Thread: Systemizing ad hoc bureaucratic processes

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    Systemizing ad hoc bureaucratic processes


    I'm going to be working on systemizing a (bureaucratic) process that has been being done on an ad hoc basis. I can look into best practices on the process itself, but am interested to see if anyone has experience/resources on this kind of systemization.

    What kinds of things do you think through? How do you bring people along who may lose some independence if things are systemized? What tools have you found useful? Any other thoughts?


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    It's one of my goals this year to get it all laid out. I have to deal with septic inspections so I'm letting the lead inspector write up that process and I'll review it. As far as bringing people along, hold a quick meeting letting them know you want it done to make sure nothing gets missed, etc. Then have each person (or at least some leaders) write up how they do it or at least their part and make sure to incorporate it. Get's others doing the work for you and they like it because you're using their process. You're also finding the most efficient process.
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    We've been trying to create Standard Operating Procedures for lots of our common processes. For anything that needs something more formalized we have had the Planning Board adopt regulations. It's somewhatad hoc but it helps for training, consistency and clarity.

    Note that, at least in our office, SOP's require posting and the unions have an opportunity to object. Generally that's been fine as long as we don't directly affect the work environment, but we did get some questions when we started asking for consistent advance notice for planned time off.

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    Exactly what Brannagan said. Announce that you're doing it, meet with everyone who does the process to find out how they do the process, what they think works and what fails and how they'd like to see done in the future; synthesize that with best practices or how your ordinance says it *should* work (or whatever other authority has power over the process); bring the involved parties together once you have a first-draft process and have them give a bit of feedback, then implement the second-draft process- and be prepared to make adjustments based on how that works.

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