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Thread: Incentivizing private right of ways

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    Jul 2011
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    Incentivizing private right of ways

    First Thread here, but really looking forward to see what Cyburbia has to offer in the form of ideas and suggestions. I'm currently working in st. johns county and am mostly in charge of amending the Land Development Code.

    St. Johns County is currently doing research on how to incentivize private roadway ownership within the County to further reduce our operations and maintenance costs within PUDís. and subdivisions. We are currently looking for ways to incentivize the privatization of right of ways (local roads, minor collectors) to reduce our annual maintenance and operation costs. Upon my research I found absolutely nothing we could codify that would accomplish this. Currently, it is the developers choice.

    Any advice, opinions, links, etc...would be GREATLY appreciated!



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    I'm in somewhat rural Kansas. We just stopped accepting new roads. Nothing is actually codified, it's just a decision our elected leaders made long ago. We maintain all the main roads plus the ones we've already accepted, but if you do a new plat you're responsible for building a road to county standards and maintaining it yourself. We've been doing it long enough that it's the accepted method. Granted, we're talking gravel roads and not paved. The developer is more than welcome to pave their own roads, but none do. The down side is having someone come in your office to ask for the county to take over maintenance or create a finance district to handle the maintenance. All I can say is sorry your developer is an ass.
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