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Thread: Affordable housing professional in Chicago

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    Affordable housing professional in Chicago

    Hi all, I signed up awhile ago but haven't been on this site in years. Any other affordable housing developers or AH policy/finance folks out there?

    I have a Master's from McGill but work in Chicago. I'm very interested to meet AH professionals working in Canada or with opinions on US/Canada comparisons.

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    Greetings from the Hoosier state along the mighty Ohio River. Welcome to Cyburbia.

    There are several affordable housing folks here and a number of us who are allied professionals. Glad you statrted posting and I'll hope to see you around.
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    Welcome from the Great State of Ohio! I think we have a bit of a mix of everything, I am certain someone will be happy to talk about AH. Glad to have you.
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    Nice to "meet you." And a couple of midwesterners, no less!

    I wasn't able to find an existing AH thread or group. Did I miss it?

    I work for a national non-profit developer, about three years in following grad school at McGill School of Urban Planning. I'm essentially a junior Project Manager. We have a few fantastic housing/planning networks here in Chicago, but I like to think that Cyburbia could provide a forum to talk about AH at a different level. It's great to also see people from other countries. It's so easy to get bogged down in the details of development and to not look past the US context. I love catching up with grad school friends about planning more generally, but I think of myself as a housing developer more than a planner so I'm eager to exchange ideas with other AH people.

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