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Thread: Comp Plan scope of work

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    Comp Plan scope of work

    I the planning director for a small town (9,000) outside of Washington DC. We are required to review/update our Comp plan every 10 years. I am having a hard time scaling this project since I came from a much larger City. I also have never done a Comp Plan. Any suggestions of how to start or outreach ideas, etc.

    I'm working on a scope of work, which includes timeframes for public outreach (listening session, meeting to go, and public forums), public hearings, Planning Commission/Town Council work session, etc. I plan to have the Planning Commission adopt that and then move forward.

    Should I do everything in-house or did you hire a consultant? what were the pros and cons? What was your budget and what did it cover?

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    I would start with your state enabling statute to see what's required in a Comprehensive Plan and go from there.
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    I've worked on several comp plans in Maryland. PM me and we can talk further.
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    I've worked on multiple Comp Plans as well in varying sized communities and as with most planning topics, my quick answers to your questions would be "it depends". If you have the staff (or don't have the budget), an update can be done in house pretty easily. For my current community's upcoming Plan, I've decided to contract out the outreach part and handle the rest from within. In other communities, the county or regional planning staff may be able to give some valuable insight. And of course, start by reading your current Plan. The where-we've-been part is pretty much already written for you (or it should be). Now just on to the where-we-want-to-be and how-to-get-there parts.
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