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Thread: Hello from the UK

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    Hello from the UK

    I have been interested in working in planning for along time as the urban environment interests me, specifically the relationship between society, economics and the environment.

    I graduated in Geography a few years ago but haven't committed to a postgraduate course mainly due to financial constraints. As interesting as planning looks on paper, I am having some reservations about what being a day to day planner would actually be like.

    I am concerned that the job may be nothing more than paper pushing and one that lacks any sort of creativity. Is planning monotonous or is there variety, and how are the current job prospects? I am aware that there is a desk element involved but ultimately I would prefer to avoid 'true desk' job; in this regard how much time is spent surveying sites, meeting with clients etc?

    Ultimately I am just looking for clarity on the real life working life of a planner. Another profession which interests me in this sector is landscape architecture (which looks to be significantly different) and seems to offer more creativity (I don't know if this true).

    Any advice or inside information would be greatly appreciated (I would prefer answers from people with specific UK experience but I am open to all information).



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    Welcome from over the pond in the mid coast of maine!

    In answer to your question - dig into some of the threads on this or pose the question as a new thread - the short answer is it depends on what you want to do

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