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Thread: Junior environmental planner interview

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    Feb 2011
    Mississauga, Ontario, canada

    Junior environmental planner interview

    I am a year post graduating a urban focused environmental studies degree along with a GIS certificate. I initially applied to a big engineering and construction firm.

    It was for an entry level ENV planner position and I got through to the final round of interviews but didn't get the job due to an internal referral, verbatim from the recruiter.
    I did reconnect with the hiring staff that I met from the process and one of them even recommended I plug his name to another firm as a referral.
    A week ago I was contacted by this same firm inquiring if I would be interested in a junior position. Obviously, I accepted and am currently trying to figure out how best to sharpen the mental knives so to speak.

    Would love some advice and suggestions.

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    Jan 2009
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    I think we have a great entry level interview thread under the career advice if you're looking to tune up the interview skills, but it sounds like you got it right the first time. I think entry level interviews are more about showing you understand the work and that you'll be a good fit personality wise. If you're trying to brush up the GIS skills I would recommend instructional videos if you don't have access to the program.
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    Aug 2016
    Northern California
    Depends on what you'll be doing - if it's a physical planning based env. consulting job, then brush up on codes, new green technology, etc. If you were in CA, I'd say get really familiar with CEQA, but since you're not in CA, I'd say it's safe to say that you need to understand how NEPA works because you might be writing EIS/EIAs. That's typically what an env. planner does in consulting.

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