Hi All!

I've been accepted to the MUP program at Harvard and the MCP program at MIT. Both have offered me the same amount of financial aid, but Harvard has offered me a research assistantship to boot.

According to my interests, which focus more on policy, my gut is telling me to go with MIT. However, Harvard has been doing a great job at "wooing me" with calls from professors and students, and they have also sent out a lot of material for me to look over - something MIT has not done. Why I'm hesitant to go with Harvard is because of the overly-focused design-based curriculum. How important are design skills to an urban planner? Is it a make or break?

I'm an international student, so I won't be able to attend any of the Open Houses, and thus I'm resorting to any help I can get.

Do I have any people who were / are in the same predicament? I would love to hear any sort of feedback as I really am having a difficult time making this decision.