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Thread: Certified Economic Developers (CEcD)

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    Oct 2013
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    Certified Economic Developers (CEcD)

    To piggy back on some previous threads I've posted about trying to get into Economic Development, or at least appear as if I know about Economic Development, I was wondering if anyone had this certification?

    I was contemplating a second masters degree that was more geared toward economic development, but this may be a better route. If this certification worth it? How did you piece the classes together when they look like they are offered all over the country?

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    Here you go

    Starter Kit:


    Resulting in:

    Ok.....seriously.....several people on here are CEcD and will have actual constructive advice
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    Mar 2011
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    Any chance that one of the CEcD folks will chime in? I'm starting the certification coursework at the end of the month, on my employer's dime, and it's such a long and costly process I feel kind of bad about it.

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    Reading up on Amazon's RFP for a second North American headquarters. It's been interesting reading articles and blogs that typically focus on planning, economic development, or business now tackle the confluence of the three disciplines.

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