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Thread: Article - How the battle for sunlight shaped New York City

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    Article - How the battle for sunlight shaped New York City

    AIB a Cyburbian's Twitter photo posting from the APA National Conference in NYC.


    City commissioner Edward M. Bassett saw hulking behemoths like the Equitable Building (which stacked more than a million square feet of space on a single acre) as threats to the public goods of light and air.

    Bassett helped write New York City’s landmark Zoning Resolution of 1916, the nation’s first citywide code. Fearing that courts would find building restrictions and land-use separations an overstep of municipal authority, Bassett carefully marshaled (in some cases questionable) evidence from doctors and health officials on the salutary effects of sunshine and ventilation. Zoning was thus was a matter of health, safety, morals, and general welfare—the basic tenets of U.S. Constitutional law.
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    Thanks. Form Follows Finance is a great book on this subject.
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