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Thread: Is it possible for industrial/manufacturing sites to "sink"/offset their carbon emissions?

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    Oct 2013
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    Is it possible for industrial/manufacturing sites to "sink"/offset their carbon emissions?

    To preface this, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to Environmental management.

    I did Planning for a predominantly rural/suburban area before taking my current job. Because the area was suburban there wasn't a lot of infrastructure such as sewer and inlets/outlets. The responsibility of storm water management rested solely on the Developer through LID and retention/detention ponds. Your pre/post hydrology had to basically match so the bigger your footprint, the bigger your hole.

    Could an approach like this be taken on Industrial sites? I don't know how many trees of what type and caliper absorb carbon the best, but through a combination of internal factory controls for emissions, along with environmental and landscaping ordinances could you roughly mitigate all or most of the estimated carbon emissions on an industrial site depending on the size of the site, and emissions?

    Could trees be planted in existing detention or retention ponds?

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    Aug 2016
    Northern California
    Sometimes in CA trees will be planted as mitigation measures to offset the carbon footprint of a project, but it can be tricky to quantify the total value; though, I'm sure there is research out there that can give you estimates based on species and age. In reality though, the carbon offset of a tree is only temporary, especially an urban tree which (generally) have a truncated lifespan.

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