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Thread: Article - Urban terrorism isnít going to stop. Can city planners help reduce its lethal impact?

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    Article - Urban terrorism isnít going to stop. Can city planners help reduce its lethal impact?


    Design interventions can be effective on two levels.
    First, they can limit access to vehicles seeking to attack public places.
    Secondly, designers can create the visual impression that a place is under protection and impregnable to attack through the use of increasingly fortresslike design features notably bollards, gates and security cameras operating in conjunction with heavily armed and very visible policing.

    Counterterrorism measures deployed in crowded public places must seek to balance security effectiveness with social and political acceptability.
    Since 9/11 have you seen changes in your fair city ? and even your office building ?

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    Our building is a very soft, squishy target if anyone had nefarious ideas. We do have all citizens enter through a security check point and they/their stuff goes through a scanner. (We can only do this because we have courts in our building. No courts, and the state says we can't stop nutjobs from bringing guns into a public building. Planners Lives Matter, dammit!) But someone could park just feet from our offices (including the Prosecutor and the Judges) and blow a massive hole in this place. It's highly unlikely, of course, but that doesn't mean it's not possible.

    The federal building across the street has been hardened with bollards, but it has a squishy side next it it, too, in the form of a public parking garage. Apparently, after 9/11, the feds had their building evaluated and a row of beautiful street trees were deemed problematic (caused a lack of visibility, IIRC), so they flat out went and whacked them. They were, of course, in the city's r-o-w.
    The old women used to say you could tell the next dayís weather, by whether you could hear the highway or the railroad at night. I recall that they were right more often than not.

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