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Thread: Referencing AICP on resume while waiting to pay post passing test

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    Referencing AICP on resume while waiting to pay post passing test


    I recently found out that I passed the May 2017 AICP exam. I'm in the process of writing applications and want to reference that I passed the exam. However, when APA sent me my scores they wrote,

    "Next Steps
    The week of July 18th, you will receive an email with a link to pay your AICP dues through the website. If you need an invoice, then you can request it at that time. After the dues are paid you can begin using the AICP designation and logging Certification Maintenance. Finally, you will receive an AICP welcome packet approximately four weeks after the payment is processed."

    I'm sending out resumes right now for applications that are due two weeks before I will get my official designation. Is there any reason I shouldn't write this on my resume?:

    "Passed the AICP credential exam in May of 2017. APA will permit me to use the AICP designation after the week of July 18th, when they send me the link to pay annual dues."


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    I'd start using it. By the time you (hopefully) get any interviews you will be paid up and everything will be good. You passed. It's yours. It's not your fault they take so long to get things done.

    <when I passed my exam in 2002 the results were delayed for quite a while due to "unforseen issues". So it was late August until I got my packet which had a nice letter telling me I'd passed. It also included an invoice that "for my convenience" was prorated back to May for my unapid AICP dues. It was like one hand shaking mine and the other was reaching into my pocket. Damn money grubbers.>
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    I think you can use it. You have written verification of passing and written verification that an invoice for dues is forthcoming. By the time they verify your AICP, it'll be paid.

    What I can't figure out is why they can't instantly calculate everything and send your invoice immediately--their payment system is fairly robust.

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    Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.

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    Like the others said, use it since you know you passed. And congrats on passing!

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