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Thread: Neighborhood teardowns

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    Neighborhood teardowns

    We're dealing with a request to demolish a really nice brick colonial in one of our "older" neighborhoods adjacent to the city's very popular park. We have a very strong historic district here but this area is not in the district. We do have a Demolition Review process where structures over 50 years of age not in the district are reviewed by our historic preservation commission. Over the years there have been a few properties where they have made an application to designate the structure individually but this home, while very nice, simply does not meet the criteria for designation so I'm certain they're not going to make an application. The neighbors are very upset but there's really nothing we can do at this point.

    So my question is, how have others handled the issue of teardowns for McMansions? I know it's a very big problem in some areas. Anybody here have any experience with this?
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    Ouch! We would likely require a board approval and have each side present their basis for demo. It could be that it has some underlying issues that mean it is better to remove and rebuild than try to fix the existing structure. If it is torn down, so you have an infill policy that requires the new structure to match the character of the neighborhood?

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