A local landowner has negotiated a lease with a multi-national corporation to construct what he is calling a cross-dock facility. The property is located in a primarily commercial zoning district and warehousing is not allowed in the district. In addition, our ordinance does not allow a business to operated out of a trailer. Rather than being a traditional cross-dock facility, they are proposing to use a refrigerated semi-trailer with several door openings in the side. The trailer would be anchored to a large concrete pad that also provides hard-surface parking. A semi will deliver merchandise to the cross-dock, it's then almost immediately loaded onto cube trucks for regional distribution. The only utility service will be electricity. The landowner wants to have a gravel parking lot for the cube trucks and the drivers.

Our City Administrator has tasked us with writing an amendment to our zoning ordinance to allow this type of facility in a largely-commercial zoning district. Our City has a hybrid form-based zoning ordinance so the district that this property is in also allows multi-family residential and commercial uses. I'm looking for any resources to help write this amendment. Has anyone dealt with this type of facility? If so, how does your ordinance handle them?