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    Dec 2002
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    By way of an update I finished that masters degree I was working on during the Compuserve years. It dealt with the use of online technology by planners if you will recall. Figuring this was a a dead end street I entered the world of solid waste management where one can always count on being busy!

    What happened to the old gang at Compuserve? I do see that Wayne Senville? is still online and growing his site but are any of the others still kicking?

    Dan Harrington

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    It's hard to keep a line on this BUT it seem to me that the old Compuserve days were filled with people who were on to something and had no place to go. Later they responded to other places that may have served their special needs and found Compuserve limited. Nowdays there are APA sites, news sites, web places, and endless areas to explore. At least that is my assessment. This Cyburbia thing is a place to check up on planners and works, but mainly serves to "play a line" or two and have a little fun along the way. Do you have a sense of direction to all this?

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