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Thread: Hello ...

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    Dec 2015

    Hello ...

    Hello i'm a graduated urban planning and design student from Iran. for a while i wasn't thinking about getting a job in this field but now i'm thinking maybe i should try it.

    what are job requirements for getting a decent job in this field ?
    i know Autocad, GIS , Photoshop , Illustrator , sketchup
    does learning 3dmax do any help with my chances for getting a job? as i have heard there is another software called "city engine" that does 3d modelling too ...
    any other advice would be welcome; tnx ((((((

    im interested in design and also do 3d modelling .... im also interested in environmental psychology and urban sociology ... not sure if that helps :/
    id be happy if anybody who thinks can answer me messages me on my skype ...
    thanks in advance
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    Welcome from the mid coast of Maine!

    I think your questions can be answered in the many threads on this subject as this thread is to say hello!

    Good luck on your job search!
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