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Thread: Park amenity materials prohibited elsewhwere

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    Park amenity materials prohibited elsewhwere

    When a baseball field is built, a reasonable and customary material is chain-link. A miniature golf course uses astro-turf. What do you do when your code prohibits such materials? I've been charged with a text change to allow such materials that are reasonably and customarily used for such uses but still prohibited uses elsewhere. Would you feel comfortable with a blanket statement that materials typically associated with such uses (list them? endless list?) that are located in a park (public or private) are permitted regardless of code requirements elsewhere?

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    My last job we ignored the chain link backstop and fencing.

    We used an excuse like the backstop is not a fence and the fence was part of the athletic field and so it wasn't a fence. Sad excuses, but we didn't want to do a code change.

    I guess you just write an exception to materials related to recreational or athletic fields such as chain link, fake grass, etc. Just be specific that it has to be in a school/park setting unless you're okay with the neighbor having a chain fence around their tennis court.
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