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Thread: APA AICP mentoring email

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    Jun 2003

    APA AICP mentoring email

    1 - did you get the email ?
    2 - would you do it / participate ?

    Copy of email -

    The AICP Candidate Pilot Program will launch on November 1, providing students and new planners an opportunity to begin the path to certification sooner, demonstrating their commitment to the field and knowledge of the profession as they begin their planning careers.

    An optional mentoring component will be a key benefit for many program participants, and we are currently assembling a pool of outstanding mentors to work with them. We applaud your distinguished career as a certified planner and ask you to encourage the growth and development of the next generation of planners by becoming a mentor.

    Mentoring is an extraordinary opportunity to facilitate a protege's personal and professional growth. You will serve as a professional role model and demonstrate the value of mentoring as a path to career-long professional development. There's an extra benefit for you, as well serving as a mentor in the AICP Candidate Pilot Program is eligible for pro bono Certification Maintenance credit.

    Please signify your willingness to participate by completing the mentor application. You will be matched with a protege based on shared interests, and the two of you will determine how and how often you converse.

    You can make a positive impact on a rising planner's professional development as well as on the future of planning. Become a mentor in the AICP Candidate Pilot Program!
    Mentor Application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CandidateMentors
    pro bono Certification Maintenance credit: https://www.planning.org/cm/logging/selfreport/probono/

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    Mar 2013
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    Got it! Considering it. Things that are making me consider NOT participating are that I have no involvement in our local APA chapter other than going to conferences. And also, I work in a really rural locality and for whatever reason, rural area planning functions were not really included in the list of interests... I have other interests that I don't get to do a whole lot of, so if I decide to participate, I will select those and then mention rural area planning under the "other" category.

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    Sure, I'll sign up. No I did not get the email. I don't expect to get a match. Who wants to be a rural planner? APA definitely doesn't like to recognize we exist.
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    I got it and signed up - I am not holding my breath though as the ones they tried to run at past national conferences had a lot of no shows

    I was lucky to have good mentors when I first got my AICP and the time leading up to it so I am happy to help younger planners
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    I got one. Surprised I did given the many emails I've sent them over the years bitching about this or that. I'm actually kind of disappointed. I figured I had earned some sort of blacklisting by now.
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    Got one, considering it for the pro-bono CM credits. Have been in a mentoring program with our state association for some time...paired up a couple of times with younger planners (one of whom is now, long after the mentoring) on my staff.
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    I'd consider it, but given my reputation with National, it's not likely to happen. I managed to piss off several people who are higher ranking APA types now.
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