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Thread: Written approval for small site plans

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    Written approval for small site plans

    I came across a situation that I don't have a clear answer on. If you have a technical review committee or similar staff group that approves development plans (most likely small commercial sites) do you issue an actual approval letter with instructions that they still need to proceed through construction drawing review? Or does your board just informally tell them that they are approved and they need to submit a CD set? What about if the request is denied?

    If you do, is it something mandated by your state, or is it just in your zoning or development code?

    As a follow up, what is the foundation for a decision that an affected party might use to appeal the decision?
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    We issue a formal letter on letterhead outlining approvals or required items needed for revision, though we typically correspond via email during the process so they are aware as of what the status is.

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