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Thread: clip art and images

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    Nov 2002
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    clip art and images

    i am using pagemaker and was wondering if anybody had or may direct me to an online source where i may download clip art or images OF A CONSISTENT THEME OR LOOK. i have found lots of places where you can download one picture or two relative to one theme in the plan, but i am looking for more continuity in image design. maybe a place having planning related clipart (hmmm.....maybe a future project for the cyburbia site....what do you think?)

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    Mar 1996
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    A couple ...

    Clips Ahoy! - http://www.clipsahoy.com (very good, very consistent style)

    Microsoft Design Gallery - http://dgl.microsoft.com

    I have popup blockers installed. I'll warn you beforehand that many clip art pages are loaded with popup windows.
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    Aug 2001
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    The Bane of Unprofessional Planning Documents

    Not to rag on anyone, or any department in particular, but don't you think that Clip Art detracts from the professional quality of a planning document?

    Nothing but superfulous decoration if you ask me. A McLogo that stains the planning profession.

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    I think that Clip Art, if used correctly can add to a planning document. Of course, stuff like cartoons and "funny" clip art should not be used and most of the stuff on the web falls into that category.

    A planner that I used to work for had an idea that would use clip art in a professional manner. He found a group of symbols and wanted to them at the beginning of each chapter of a Comprehensive Plan. For example, one of the symbols was a tree, so that was the Natural Resouces Chapter "logo" and a Car was used for the transportation chapter, etc.
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    Dec 2001
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    I gotta pass ont he clip art. Graphs, relative photos, or of course in my case, the standard construction details, but no clip art.

    Clip art is like so 1990s...

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    Aug 2001
    South Milwaukee
    I can't understand why this detracts from my Planning Dept FAQ Newsletter article.

    I can understand why it would detract from my budget memo for an addtional part time secretary.

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    Oct 2001
    Just as annoying are email signature quotes. Not BB signature quotes, but those on professional emails. I was once guilty.

    I do use clip art and relevant photos in documents targeted at the public. They seem to be able to better digest certain concepts if they are illustrated. Plus they give these documents a certain shelf live that ensures future planners will have work. Have you ever picked up a comp plan from the 70s WTFWTPT?
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    Aug 2001
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    I gotta echo most of the others so far. I would use clip art extremely sparingly in any planning document. I do use photos, maps, diagrams, and drawings extensively. Perhaps incorporating a tasteful one into a chaper heading is not a bad idea, especially if the document is also meant to be delivered electronically.

    Of course, for more general things, like newsletters, demographic summaries, and other fodder fed to the public, have at it!

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