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Thread: Urban planning and data science

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    Oct 2016
    Indianapolis, IN

    Urban planning and data science

    I am currently finishing up a double major in Poli Sci and Economics with a minor in Computer science, and I am interested in pursuing graduate studies at the intersection of Urban Planning and Data Science.

    Can anyone recommend any schools/programs that offer dual degrees in Urban Planning and Data Science? Or UP programs that put an emphasis on DS or vice versa?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Aug 2001
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    The University of Michigan offers a Masters in Urban Planning and their School of Information might have coursework that interests you.

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    Feb 2013
    The Midwest, God's gift to Planet Earth
    Offering a huge second for UMich's dual degree programs. When I attended their open house they had a student on the panel who was doing a dual degree in information systems and planning and it seemed like a great fit for him. I would also look into Carnegie Mellon's Heinz School of Public Policy & Information Systems (a unique program in which both are combined under one roof, although it's not planning specific) as well as MIT.

    With this type of background, this is the type of startup you might find yourself working in: https://www.madlan.pro/

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