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Thread: ASU Bachelor of science urban planning.

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    Dec 2017

    ASU Bachelor of science urban planning.

    I was thinking of going to ASU for there online bachelor of science urban planning degree. I was told by an advisor that the bachelor of urban planning no longer had (PAB) accreditation. I was told only there masters has the (PAB) accreditation. Is that a deal breaker?

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    Sun Devil here. I never took the online degree and it had PAB when I went through. They lost it somewhere when they transferred from College of Design to Geography. I don't know if the PAB is a problem other than taking longer to get your AICP. I don't know if employers really look into that. It also depends on your future plans. In my case I got my BS in Planning, started work in the Phoenix area, then went for a MPA soon after. If you're getting a Master's soon after, it doesn't matter as much.
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    Feb 2013
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    More than the PAB accreditation, I wouldn't recommend online programs for planning school in general unless you're already working in the field and trying to get your degree at the same time as a non-traditional student. Planning school usually involves a lot of group projects, presentations, community outreach, possible studio classes, and specialized computer programs
    - all of which don't lend themselves particularly well to an online program.

    Then again I wouldn't recommend planning in general for undergrad either a whole different set of reasons...but again this depends on if you're 17 year old going to college for the first time or if you're 40 and going back for your degree. Can you tell us more about your background?

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