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Thread: Article - Cities turn to ‘missing middle’ housing to keep older millennials from leaving

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    Article - Cities turn to ‘missing middle’ housing to keep older millennials from leaving


    Has this being discussed in your fair community ?
    Has your zoning ordinance been amended as suggested in the article ?

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    My city is talking about it, just not doing anything. Plus the developers here don't really want to build that way. They make more on single-family. According to them. I would think you could make more on duplexes by selling two homes for the price of building one, but what do I know.
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    Even if people were to build duplexes and townhouses, millennials are still priced out in my city, unless they want to live in high crime areas. And then you move to the high crime areas, and you're starting gentrification. Fun for everyone.

    My city passed an ordinance a little over 10 years ago, to allow for small lot subdivisions. As an example, you have a 50'x100' lot, and can build ~5 single family homes on it. Some of the designs were respectable, they were built on a human scale, and won awards,. However the homes on some of these projects went for seven figures...

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