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Thread: Things you feel bad enforcing

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    Mar 2013
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    Things you feel bad enforcing

    There's a homeless family that I have to basically evict from a travel trailer they are illegally occupying. I feel bad about it, but they have made a nuisance of themselves all over the county and I understand that it causes problems for nearby property owners. Laws are laws, it just doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Then today I get a notice about an illegal junkyard where there is not only a ton of trash, but the owners are burning tires and plastic (illegally). The person that submitted the complaint said that the house is in very poor condition - they have tarps on the roof to cover holes, etc. She did show concern that assistance be provided if available, and we're pursuing that, but I still need to send an enforcement letter about the trash.

    Sometimes it just kind of feels like I'm kicking people when they're already down.

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    Yeah, kicking people out of their homes, no matter how squalid, is seldom something I relish. It would be one thing if I had some kind of social services-type carrot to offer these folks, but instead all I've got is a big code enforcement stick.
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    I have some lady I have to take to court over trash pick up. I don't feel too sorry for her. She can afford Direct TV and a decent car so she can afford trash pick up, but I know we're going to spend time and money getting it cleaned up for her and it'll just happen again without some kind of counseling.
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    I have a list of buildings that should be fixed or demolished, and some of them are occupied homes.
    Staff can put the owners on a list to explore other funding but I have a nagging concern that the program doesn’t mandate financial classes or even a big FYI: your taxes about about to double on your fixed income. Moving someone out of a home valued less than $20k that wasn’t maintained and gifting the owner a brand new home with a much bigger tax bill doesn’t seem like we are setting them up for success.

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