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Thread: Concrete wheel stops versus rubber

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    May 2009
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Concrete wheel stops versus rubber

    I'm just doing some research on concrete versus rubber wheel stops.
    We've had some issues come up where we have required, as a condition of a development permit, applicants install wheel stops but our enforcement group has concern that they have used rubber versus concrete.

    From what I've found so far; it appears rubber is much better in the long run for maintenance and wear/tear and plus it uses recycled tires. Just wondering if anyone has language in their LUB to provide specific direction or if you just require a wheel stop (regardless of material) and if you've had many problems with the rubber ones versus concrete.


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    Cyburbian Random Traffic Guy's avatar
    Jul 2005
    Lone Star State
    Wheelstops as a concept are usually bad, but having seen a bunch of broken concrete ones in my time, I would hesitate to wager which is longer lasting. Can you just have some language that wheelstops must be kept in good condition and secured to the ground (if that's how you use them). I'm not too sure of the failure mode for plastic ones, do they shatter or fray or what? If they break off pieces, to match the concrete ones you could have some quanitative standard of only allowing X size missing pieces before replacement.

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    Jul 2017
    River Falls, WI

    Wheel Stops

    I'm dealing with an issue where I'm trying to figure out if wheel stops or curbing should be required for all parking lots. It appears that there is some evidence what wheel stops have created issues in certain circumstances with maintenance and pedestrian safety. I'm wondering if there is similar evidence that would suggest when they'd be a good idea to install. Specifically, to protect encroachment into landscaped areas or storm water ponds. Thoughts?

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    Cyburbian AG74683's avatar
    Jun 2011
    The Woods
    Whatever you do, require that the stop is a different color than the pavement. Black rubber stops are real awful if the parking lot is also black and the lighting in the parking lot is poor. I know this from personal experience, after I tripped over one and fell on my head.

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