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Thread: Here we go again... (Trump zeroes out CDBG and HOME)

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    Here we go again... (Trump zeroes out CDBG and HOME)

    Anyone feel like it's Groundhog Day around here?


    These programs have some flaws but they more do with the red tape they keep adding to them rather than their lack of effectiveness, IMO. The whole idea behind them was to replace old school urban renewal with community investment. I think they have done so fairly effectively.
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    I agree with you. I hate dealing with HUD just because of some of the ridiculous rules and red tape that must be navigated and there definitely needs to be some house cleaning within some of the regional headquarters (there are some incredibly worthless and lazy people I've come across) but all that said CDBG does do a lot of good. I don't see anything close to this passing so I'm not too concerned yet.
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    Just in time for my return to the public sector as a HOME administrator. CDBG will survive, it provides too much funding for local projects. If they wanted to get rid of Davis Bacon I wouldn't be mad. Congress has been trying to kill HOME for since the major changes in 2013. While this administration is particularly in love with privatization, the tax cut will have a negative effect on the LIHTC equity syndication market reducing the amount of private capital available for investing in the rehabilitation or creation of affordable housing.
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