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Thread: Census - LUCA

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    Jun 2003

    Census - LUCA

    is your department responsible or involved in your fair community's LUCA effort ?
    if so, are you doing it by paper or GIS ?

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    Mar 2007
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    I work at a county and for the 2010 Census I was the lead in coordinating with our local cities, villages, and townships for LUCA that time around. For this iteration, our IT department is taking the lead and doing everything through the GIS portal for the communities that want us to do it for them. While we are a relatively large county with a lot of households, we haven't really experienced much population or household growth since 2010 and there have been no annexations or boundary changes so it should be a pretty straightforward process.

    I did sit through a LUCA presentation (as part of an introduction to new/changing Census programs) that somebody from the Census Bureau gave at a conference I was at last summer and I have to say that their GIS portal seemed like it would make the whole LUCA process much smoother than in years past, even for communities that have seen a lot of growth. I'd hate to have to use the paper maps if I was handling LUCA for a fast-growing community.

    Our office handled the Boundary Verification Program and coordinated education and outreach efforts for the 2010 Census and I imagine that I'll be the lead for that as we get further along. Thankfully, I still have about a year before those start gearing up.
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    I believe our GIS crew is doing it. I haven't seen or heard anything yet.
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    I'm the main person for my community...but I'm utilizing our Regional Planning Commission for the heavy lifting and real work.
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    Our GIS people are doing it. I don't want to be anywhere near it. Sounds dreadful.
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    Quote Originally posted by JNA View post
    is your department responsible or involved in your fair community's LUCA effort ?
    if so, are you doing it by paper or GIS ?
    I am my township's LUCA representative and I'll be doing it by GIS.

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    I'm so glad to not have to worry about LUCA this year; the GIS Department is handling it.

    In a past municipality, I was the point person and found a huge discrepancy of almost 20,000 people missing from our Census. It took me almost 2 years of red tape with the Census Bureau to get it resolved.
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