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Thread: Small cell wireless facility ordinance

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    Small cell wireless facility ordinance

    State law has just changed to permit small cell wireless facilities in municipalities. These will typically be placed on light poles, utility poles, signal poles, etc., in the r-o-w. I need to add this to our ordinance which will also cause the existing wireless ordinance to be amended. Do you or have you come a across a decent ordinance to permit small cell wireless?

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    We are in the process of editing ours. Here is a link to our project page: http://www.pwcgov.org/government/dep...acilities.aspx

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    You may want to give it a reduced application process to encourage it as those facilities are far less intrusive than the cell towers.
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    Here' s ours:
    C. Antennas. Antennas are an accessory use in all zoning districts. Antennas may be installed on existing structures, such as buildings, or other freestanding structures, provided the installation adds no more than 20 feet to the height of the structure and the antennas and supporting electrical and mechanical equipment are neutral in color and identical to, or closely compatible with the color of the supporting structure so as to make the antennas and related equipment as visually unobtrusive as possible. Where possible, antennas should be architecturally screened or integrated into architectural elements. All antenna installations shall require a permit from the city. No lighting shall be permitted, except as may be required by the Federal Aviation Administration.
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    Quote Originally posted by luckless pedestrian View post
    You may want to give it a reduced application process to encourage it as those facilities are far less intrusive than the cell towers.
    That's not necessarily true. It's a really big issue in places like downtown historic districts where you have so little room to add yet more infrastructure. It's more than just slapping something on a light pole and calling it co-location. It's a really big deal in our state and we're still trying to figure out how to deal with it. Plus, it's not about the big towers anyway. You still need those as a hub. Small cell technology is all about us having our precious streaming data available all the time.
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