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Thread: Unfrozen caveman planner thread

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    Unfrozen caveman planner thread

    AIB mendelman and Phil Hartman

    I am just a caveman. One day I slipped on some ice and later your scientists thawed me out. Your cities are frightening to me. I see fast moving boxes filled with people travelling down your streets and it makes me want to tear off my blue polo shirt and tan khakis and run for the hills. I see metal birds flying across the sky but no matter how high I throw my spear I can never hit them. But there is one thing I do know - this proposed rezoning request is incompatible with both the uses found in the adjacent zoning lot and the future land use plan, and the commission should deny it.
    People will miss that it once meant something to be Southern or Midwestern. It doesn't mean much now, except for the climate. The question, “Where are you from?” doesn't lead to anything odd or interesting. They live somewhere near a Gap store, and what else do you need to know? - Garrison Keillor

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    Folks, I'm just a caveman that was thawed out by your scientists and became a planner. Your world frightens and confuses me. Sometimes the honking of horns makes me want to get out of my Subaru and run for this hills. Sometimes when I get an email I look at the computer and wonder if there is some little guy behind the screen typing this stuff. I don't know, I'm just a caveman, but what I do know is that for this commercial development to work it will need a three quarter turning movement at least 800' from the arterial intersection.
    I don't pretend to understand Brannigan's Law. I merely enforce it.

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