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Thread: Article - ‘Access to Literacy’ Is Not a Constitutional Right, Judge in Detroit Rules

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    Article - ‘Access to Literacy’ Is Not a Constitutional Right, Judge in Detroit Rules


    In his decision, Judge Murphy agreed that state officials bore some responsibility for the quality of education in the district.
    He also agreed that giving students the opportunity to learn to read was “of incalculable importance,” adding that some level of literacy was necessary for voting, applying for a job and securing a place to live.

    “But those points do not necessarily make access to literacy a fundamental right,” he said.

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    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I guess literacy isn't listed there.
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    Quote Originally posted by Maister View post
    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. .
    That's from the Deceleration of Independence, not the U.S. Constitution, fwiw.
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    So I guess RIF isn't a thing anymore.
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    It may not be a civil right but it's in the nation's best interest to have a literate (at the very least, if not educated) country - I would think in the interest of GNP and other things, that it's not a good idea to allow for illiteracy
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