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Thread: Wasps, bees, hornets and other stinging critters

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    Quote Originally posted by Bubba View post
    Wasp #25 apparently did not like me cleaning up the carcasses of his buddies and stung me on the ankle. Thankfully we had Benadryl in the house.
    Sprayed the nest down again this morning (was raining too hard yesterday morning) - no more movement from it. Wasp #25 (now deceased) stung me at least twice on my right heel and ankle before I stomped on it - the swelling wasn't too bad (yay Benadryl), but it still itches enough to make shoes sort of uncomfortable (yay being able to work from home when needed). [Insert your Southern barefoot jokes here at your own risk. ]

    Fire ants - been there, done that. One of my cousins is allergic enough to them that she carries an EpiPen...she's a Phys Ed teacher in south Georgia - she'll get stung again at some point.
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    That anthill casting is pretty cool. I've never seen that before.
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    Quote Originally posted by mendelman View post
    Next was a hive in the ground in our shrub bed in front of the house. Well, I went out one evening to drop some apicide powder on them, but also got some skunk eyes shine back at me as I lit the spot with my flashlight. I was far enough away from the skunk that I was safe and it did spray, so I told him 'we're cool' and I slowly backed away.

    I went out the next day and the hive was gone, literally. There was a large-ish hole in it's place. Well, I then discovered that skunks are actually really useful for us humans as they will eat hives and remove the problem for us.
    We used to have tons of ground dwelling bees in our backyard. They would fly around and zoom in and out of their nests all day long. We could be playing back there and stepping right on them with bare feet and they never bothered us but my wife still worried (I looked them up once and they were some sort of small grey miner bee with a stinger that was too short to be a problem for humans so I never got too concerned). A couple of years ago we lost a big pine tree in a windstorm and after the tree came down and ripped the roots out and tore up the ground the skunks immediately showed up and made quick work of all the nests back there that were now much easier to access. The skunks actually stuck around for a couple of years (our neighbor's dog was sprayed seemingly every week last summer) but I haven't seen any bees coming out of the ground back there for quite some time. This is actually the first summer that we've had no bees back there and I haven't seen any skunks in our yard this summer either... but I do still see and smell them around the neighborhood most weeks.
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    Seemed relevant to this thread....

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