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Thread: What makes you happy?

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    Cyburbian Wannaplan?'s avatar
    Aug 2001
    Gale Crater

    What makes you happy?

    Here are things that make me happy:

    1) Reading the newspaper

    2) Great music

    3) Great comics

    4) Great movies

    5) Teri Gross of NPR's "Fresh Air"

    6) New Clothes (no, I don't dress like that!)

    7) Places with a bunch of unconventional people just hanging out...

    8)... and none of that yuppie crap, either!

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    Cyburbian Plus PlannerGirl's avatar
    Mar 2002
    quiet evenings debating first amendment rights with my honey

    being able to pick up "all things considered" on the drive home

    snuggles from the dogs-they dont care they just love

    classical music and wandering the mall (not the shopping sort) alone

    those are great things to me-very happy
    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Ben Franklin

    Remember this motto to live by: "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOO- HOO what a ride!'"

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    Aug 2001
    Western Pennsylvania
    Good and interesting friends and family
    Talking to new and interesting people of all ages
    Music, and mastering a piano lesson
    House and garden tours
    Attending daily mass
    Walking the dog
    Reading a book that I just can't put down until it's finished
    Sleeping on the back porch on hot summer nights
    My kids
    Cooking for other people
    Taking a guilt-free nap

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    Cyburbian el Guapo's avatar
    Oct 2001
    Living in America!
    Shooting the breeze with old Veterans
    Electrons and the appliances that love them
    Old and new Volvos
    Ever changing weather
    Biographies and history books
    My fish tank
    Working with my hands
    The delight on the face of a child when he walks the tracers from his AK-47 through the target for the first time.
    el Guapo is a former 20 year +/- urban planner (just like you) who thought becoming an attorney was a good life choice.

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    Here are mine (in no particular order)

    Time spent with my wife;
    Seeing my sons' smiles and hearing their laughter;
    Seeing the light go on in my sons' minds when they get a new concept for the first time;
    Mississippi summers;
    Good food;
    A glass of wine shared with friends;
    The tug of a fish on the line;
    A crisp golf shot;
    Reading a good book;
    Having quiet time to myself;
    The smell of rain;
    The smell of fresh cut grass;
    Great music (James Taylor);
    Small successes;
    Big successes;
    Being able to help someone in need;
    Time spent with God;
    The sight of snowbirds in Mississippi spending money;
    The sight of them leaving in the spring;
    Having my Board of Supervisors reach consensus on an issue.

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    Cyburbian Cardinal's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Just a few...

    the cardinal whose chirping wakes me up at dawn
    my gardens, and my pet hibiscus, Clarissa
    sitting with a magazine in a good coffeeshop
    farmer's markets
    long hikes in the wilderness
    homemade food and the smells that go with it
    making a difference
    Cyburbia - it's more than an addiction
    the wind in the trees and the rippling of a brook
    naps, lying outside in the sun

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    Cyburbian nerudite's avatar
    Aug 2001
    Flannel sheets and a down comforter
    Sleeping in till noon
    Playing Santa
    Swinging on swings at the park
    Watching the Leafs score
    Watching children open up presents
    Catching a pleasant smell that reminds me of good events in my life
    Watching my cat carry her teddy bear around the house
    Buying a cd because you like one song, and then finding out that you love the whole thing
    Baileys and hot chocolate
    The silence in the air after it snows
    Seat-of-my-pants roadtrips with no destination
    Snuggling on the couch (and the aerobic aftermath)
    Long, hot baths
    Playing frisbee

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    Cyburbian donk's avatar
    Sep 2001
    skating on thin ice
    Riding single track on the perfect fall day.
    Tail winds in both directions on a road ride.
    Cross Country Skiing, when you get the wax perfect.

    Good beer (creemore, kriek)
    Indy and alternative comics (cerebus, hate, sin city, eightball, optic nerve)
    Music (VU,the who, hoyt axton, billy bragg, ramones, dead kennedys, lou reed)
    Ironed, high thread count cotton sheets.

    Work, on the good days.
    Too lazy to beat myself up for being to lazy to beat myself up for being too lazy to... well you get the point....

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    native vegitation
    big oak trees
    great view of a city from a high point
    funny women
    beautiful women
    women who will talk with me
    beautiful, funny women who will talk with me!
    music music music and more music
    jerry garcia's music
    solving a hard math problem (they're all hard for me)
    new technology
    cookies and an assortment of sweets

    hiking up a mountain on a 90 degree F day with a 45 lb pack on my back until I feel like I'm going to puke! and having the feeling and craving, the need in my mind and body that there is nothing more delicious and more precious than the sweet nectar of earth -WATER. and getting that water from a cool mountain stream. I can feel the water soaking into my body. What an incredible experience life truly is! God Bless All of You

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    Dec 2001
    Mr. Cool Ice
    My bike,
    Having a good day on my bike,
    My pooch
    My kitters
    Vacation days
    Runs along Boathouse Row
    Chillin' wit da boyz on da corner,
    Eagles winning seasons
    Flyers winning seasons

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    Hanging out with the girlfriend
    Friends and family
    Good music
    Football (especially Packers and Badgers)
    Biking through the woods with not a car in sight
    Vacations in the northwoods of Wisconsin
    Cross country skiing (downhill too)
    The Simpsons
    Good Beer/Wine
    Guys-only roadtrips
    Driving on winding, hilly country roads with little or no traffic
    Discovering a new band that blows you away
    Watching a great movie in the comfort of my own living room
    Taking a different route to or from a destination and finding a cool town
    The Onion

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    Forums Administrator & Gallery Moderator NHPlanner's avatar
    Apr 1996
    New Hampshire
    I'll keep mine short...

    waking up every morning to see my wife lying next to me.
    Holding my wife and/or my daughter in my arms.
    Family and Friends.
    seeing mountains on the horizon (I was almost permanently scarred from my 5 years in Indiana).
    cyburbia breaks during the day.
    "Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not. The question is not whether your part of the world is going to change. The question is how." -- Edward T. McMahon, The Conservation Fund

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    Cyburbian Cardinal's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Originally posted by The Irish one
    native vegitation
    big oak trees
    I have already decided that I can't move until spring, when I can take all of my plants with me. I'd have to count - I probably have fifty different native species growing in the yard. I'd really love to take the big oak in front. It is one of my favorite trees, along with a perfect hickory living not far from here. However, since both are probably 200+ years old, I guess they will have to stay.

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    Cyburbian SW MI Planner's avatar
    Feb 2002
    Being able to call Chad my husband
    My family, my friends, and my sister - my best friend in the whole world
    Autumn, Autumn, Autumn - the best time of the year
    The smell of a camp fire (see the autumn comment!)
    Gardening and being able to watch things grow and knowing that I was part of it
    Crossing things off my 'to-do' lists
    Old people when you see them walking down the street who are still very much in love and hold hands and look happy
    Sitting in a recliner in flannel jammies, drinking cocoa, reading a good book while it is snowing outside.

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    Cyburbian SGB's avatar
    Nov 2002
    Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve
    Seeing and hearing my son call out "Daddy!" when I arrive home after a day at work.
    Driving on a deserted road during a heavy snowfall.
    Listening to the eclectic music mix on radioio.com.
    A good beer.

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          Downtown's avatar
    Oct 2000
    Under a pile of back issue Plannings
    Snuggling on the couch with Rob watching tv
    Catching my current favorite song when I turn on the radio
    Taking road trips with my sister
    Actually finishing one of my many projects that i've started
    Logging onto Cyburbia

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    Cyburbian donk's avatar
    Sep 2001
    skating on thin ice
    I forgot two items, both food and especially holiday related

    Eating home made brine dill pickles.

    Using maple syrup from your own trees that you also boiled down. The family tradition at our house is to do the final boiling of maple syrup for waffles on christmas morning. The bad news is that my parent's current house has no maple trees of a suitable size to tap, we are down to the last 2 jars from 10 years ago from our old place.

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    Cyburbian Cardinal's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Donk, I have two large (2.5 - 3 foot diameter) sugar maples in my front yard, if that helps. How long will the syrup keep?

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    Cyburbian donk's avatar
    Sep 2001
    skating on thin ice
    If you "can" it it keeps for ever. The jar we opened this year was dated march 1990. It was pretty funny, we opened it boiled the last bit of water off and then were really careful about using the syrup. It has to last you know. (Famous quote from my step father) Part of the fun is rememebring the old house and friends from there.

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    200 year oak- you are blessed. We just planted three oaks in the green belt/park behind my parents house and I'm drooling -sure they're about 9 feet tall but oh man when Im 80 I'll check out these babies and how sweet it'll be.

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