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Thread: Sense of place

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    Sense of place

    Hi All...
    I study for my MA degree in urban planning, my thesis topic will be about sense of place and character in the city of Amman, I wonder if any one has suggestions for further readings, or can send me some material that may relate to this topic...Thnx:

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    We do have a small thread talking about just this topic, here. The book I mention by Anthony Hiss is a good one. If you do not already have a copy, order it through Cyburbia!

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    There is always the old standby, Lynch's Site Planning.

    Still a book that I refer to when trying to explain things..

    Another good book that is on my shelf is Fundamentals of Urban design from the APA Press.

    Some of Kuntsler's rants also provide good ideas for examining the built environment. May not be totally relevant in your situation due to his agenda and belief system.

    good luck.
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    My Hypothesis uses Jan Gehl's thoughts in Life between buildings, and supposes that the lower income districts of the city (The case of Amman) enjoy more social outdoor activities, livable pedestrian experiences, and many other sociable occurances, in ways that may positively affect their sense of place, and attachment ; which I termed Amman-philia from Tuan's Topo-philia. This sence of place and character one truely finds around the city, in districts with tight urban pattern, and more dense population, and truely misses in the new (Rich) suburban districts of the city.

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