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Thread: I'm geographically undesirable

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    Sep 2001
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    Originally posted by Dan

    I'll wait until the next housing bust, so I can afford to get in. Even with the higher salaries, I still won't be able to afford a decent house. The thought of commuting from Fontana or Compton isn't really too enticing.
    My first house was an almost 2 hour drive to work. In order to afford the mortgage I at a lot of chicken and beans! It was in the upper dessert area. I still fondly recall the huge bonfiles buring all those tumble weeds. Yes, the fire department gave us permits to burn them suckers because there was no way to get rid of them! And sand, sand everywhere.

    But still it was my little piece of dirt. Whether I am a elitest or not for wanting to have place to call my own, I believe this vision is shared by a lot of people. What we should be doing rather than insisting people should get used to the rental life is coming up with alternative ways for home ownership. I like what they do in Chicago and NY with cooperatives.

    I think now with the house I have If i sold it I could live in a huge house in the South or Midwest. I recall homs in Midland Texas you could get almost nothing compared to LA. I also read people making 200K in silicon valley live in cardboard boxes

    LOL!!! I was thinking more like living in Austrailia or some exotic island resort.

    Nebraska??? Flat land.. uck!
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