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Thread: Looking for research linking transit usage, reduced congestion

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    Looking for research linking transit usage, reduced congestion

    I will be speaking in front of our county next week about a new city-county comprehensive plan that includes our region's first major effort towards mass transit, including light rail, commuter rail, and bus transit.

    The board is concerned about supporting any transit efforts because they have yet to see any solid evidence that transit reduces single-occupancy vehicle trips and eases congestion.

    Does anyone know of studies I should look at to bring before them?

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    Search for articles in last Sunday's Arizona Republic. They did a series of articles that all ran the same day.

    Also, there was just a report put out by the AMA about this exact study done during the Olympics in Atlanta!!

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    Try asking the Tri-State Transportation Campaign -- check out their website at www.tstc.org

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    Try the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, the Web site at http://www.vtpi.org/.

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