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Thread: Chinatown Phiiadelphia

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    Nov 2001
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Chinatown Phiiadelphia

    Hello, I am a Temple University student doing a project on northward expansion development of Chinatown above North Street. I was just hoping you organiztion could give any information on development trends by the Chinese community to move Northward. This info would be of great help.
    -Donnell T. Zeigler

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    Oct 2001
    Middle of a Dusty Street

    Try PCDC

    A quote from their webpage:

    "The completion of Hing Wah Yuen marked the first organized expansion of Chinatown to the north of the Vine Street Expressway. Asian business and residential settlements have already been introduced to rezone approximately 44 acres of land currently underutilized. This rezoning will stimulate community reinvestment and allow a more rapid expansion of Chinatown to the north of Vine Street. PCDC will remain fully committed to the core area south of Vine Street while concentrating on our new development efforts in the North. The development of Philadelphia Chinatown is turning a new leaf."

    I'd imagine these folks could help you a great deal in your studies, their webpage is http://www.chinatown-pcdc.com/

    Good luck! By the way... Has Temple finished the renovations of the actually temple building? I used to work in the basement before I moved.

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    Sep 2001
    Los Angeles, California


    There's an article today in the LA Times about the history of LA's Chinatown.


    You should post other resources you find.

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    You should contact the City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency; Chinatown is within a redevelopment project area. You should also inquire about the "Cornfields" development which will establish a large urban park on what had been industial land.

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