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Thread: Extended Stay Facilities

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    Extended Stay Facilities


    I am new to this forum, but I am looking for help. The City of Davis has an application for an extended stay. The City's zoning code does not define development criteria for such a use. Has anyone processed an extended stay facility and if so, what sorts of requirements were made for the use? How was this use differentiated from hotels/motels and residential uses?
    I look forward to your replies!

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    Aug 2001
    Hi Rhys...

    Welcome to the boards. I used to work for Davis as well (and I'm an aggie... Just in case you went to UCD).

    Anyway, the few applications I worked on for an extended stay facility we treated just like a regular hotel. I think it was one parking space for each employee on the largest shift and one parking space for each suite.

    Good luck!

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    Dec 2001
    Mr. Cool Ice
    Yup...treat 'em just like a hotel. The only difference between a hotel and extended stay is the rental agreement.

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    The extended stay we have was treated somewhat like a hotel. However, it was done as a PUD, and the City has a developer's agreement with the extended stay hotel, which gives the City a little more control over what happens at the site.

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    I know that Grand Prairie, Texas has a separate definition for an extended stay hotel and they regulate them differently.

    City of Arlington, Texas also changed their definitions and treats extended stay hotels differently from full-service hotels.

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    We also treat them just like a hotel, in regards to parking and water usage and well, just about everything else.

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    Oct 2001
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    Hey Rhys:

    I live in Vacaville, 20 minutes from you and work in Fairfield.

    Our extended stay definition provides some guidance:

    Hotel/Motel - Extended Stay. An establishment offering transient lodging that provides separate bathroom, kitchen and sleeping areas in each rental unit. Each rental unit shall be at least 250 square feet. The kitchen shall be a separate, self-contained facility containing all of the following: a sink with garbage disposal, built-in counter-top range with at least two burners, minimum 14 cubic-foot refrigerator/freezer combination, microwave, dishes, and flatware.

    We crafted this definition because we have an "issue" with old motels being used as affordable housing.

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