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Thread: Dan's NEW Town Next Door (TM)

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    Oct 2001

    Dan's NEW Town Next Door (TM)

    We are taking nominations for a very important designation: That of Dan Tasman's NEW Town Next Door. As you know Dan has offered us such planning and cultural gems as; "3" Nextel, Sign Sign everywhere a sign, and who can forget school bus racing from the ‘Town Next Door.” The "Town Next Door" serves an important function for Cyburbians. It lets us know our town sucks a little less than we thought when placed in comparison. (Excepting Toronto – We are all living in Toronto’s Town Next Door.) So please nominate a hamlet of your choice.

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    Dec 1998
    Note the Belle Chasse pictures in my photo gallery and that's My Town Next Door.

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    Mar 1996
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    The Town Next Door now is a very affluent edge city, so I can't quite call that a W****r G****n replacement.

    In the KC area, though, folks seem to joke a lot about a suburban enclave with a huge huntin'-n'-fishin'-n'-Bible-thumpin'-n'-big-ol'-truck-with-a-big-'ol-shiny-bed-box-drivin', middle class construction/mechanical blue collar residential base on the Missouri side. The city's name even sounds 'necky. I've never been there, so I've yet to make a judgement call.

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