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Thread: PC Census (Rustbelt)

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    PC Census (Rustbelt)

    Hey I just recieved a copy of the p census software. I need to import my own maps as shape files in Pcensus. Does anyone have any experience in doing this? I know Rustbelt stated he had some experience in doing this in a previous post. Rustbelt if you here me, or anyone else out there that can help me please give me some advice.


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    Oct 2001
    Sorry I missed this question. If you're still working on this, the main issue is that PCensus only reads unprojected maps (in decimal degrees). Use ArcView's projection utility to convert maps that may be projected. Tetrad has been very helpful if I call their 800 number with questions.

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    Sep 2001
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    another pcensus question, we are mapinfo based, but any suggestions appreciated

    I am having troubles creating boundary thematic maps for the "dominant" variables. Using advance mapping I can only get them to come out as point thematics, any suggestions.

    Plus has anyone developed good / useful lifestyles for Stats Can data they might like to share.

    We got the last release of Pcensus(5.1) about 3 years ago and have just upgraded(7) to be able to use the new stats can data sets.
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