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Poll results: Oklahoma City most matches which of these in national presence, in your mind?

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  • Little Rock

    21 30.43%
  • Indianapolis

    14 20.29%
  • Louisville

    12 17.39%
  • Nashville

    7 10.14%
  • Ft. Worth

    15 21.74%
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Thread: Perceptions of Oklahoma City

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    Jan 2004
    Dayton, Ohio
    Quote Originally posted by oulevin
    Now let me ask all of those who responded to the poll: have you actually been to OKC? Being there and seeing it portrayed in the mainstream media (I croaked at some network correspondents' questions during the bombing coverage) can be two different things.
    Yeah, I spent a week there on buisiness and as part of this drove all over town (which included suburbs like Edmond, Moore and Norman) meeting w. real estate folks, city govts, etc...and then did some driving around after work too...so I am somewhat familiar w. the area.

    I think the place really sucks...though that edge city on the NW side was sort of interesting. I think OKC reminds me more of San Antonio than any of the other places you mentioned. I used to live in Louisville for many years and I can tell you OKC is nothing like Louisville...nor Indianapolis..Indy has a much better downtown.

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    Cyburbian jresta's avatar
    Apr 2003
    Philadelphia, PA

    Never been to OKC . . .

    I tend to think of cities in terms of their signatures - their skylines. When i think about it i can't picture one for OKC or Little Rock.

    Little Rock - I've never been but from what i hear and things i've seen it seems like a small city. Smaller than OKC would be. Actually the first thing that comes to mind is Bill Clinton

    Indianapolis - I've only driven through it but it seems much bigger (and more urban) than OKC would be and much more important financially.

    Louisville - I've been here, to a music festival, and while it might be similar in population i think of Louisville as being more urban - and since i know of it for its music scene the connection i make to it is a cultural one. As far as the physical aspects of this city, it reminds me most of Rochester, NY.

    Nashville - I've also been here and when i think of a sister-city for Nashville i think Charlotte, NC. The topography is a bit different but they're similar in size, they have well developed financial sectors, reflected in robust skylines (for cities of their size) - and they both have the young NFL team thing happening.

    Ft. Worth - Never been but Ft. Worth seems like the St. Paul to Minneapolis, the New Jersey to NYC. Probably great places but no one claims they're from there.

    OKC -
    Indeed you can usually tell when the concepts of democracy and citizenship are weakening. There is an increase in the role of charity and in the worship of volunteerism. These represent the élite citizen's imitation of noblesse oblige; that is, of pretending to be aristocrats or oligarchs, as opposed to being citizens.

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    Cyburbian Doohickie's avatar
    Jan 2005
    Fort Worth, formerly Cheektowaga
    Quote Originally posted by Joe Iliff

    I'd say Louisville or Little Rock. Nashville is known worldwide, and Indianapolis has plenty of national and international events. Fort Worth would have some similarities, but being part of the DFW metroplex, it really doesn't compare to OKC much.
    As a Fort Worth resident, I used to think OKC was similar in terms of status. In talking to people who have lived both places, though, they said OKC is closer to Amarillo or Wichita Falls, which are significantly smaller and less, uh.... for lack of a better word, cosmopolitan. People tend to lump Fort Worth in with Dallas, but there really is a clear divide between the two cities, with Dallas being more Eastern or Midwestern in nature, and Fort Worth more Western. And even without Dallas or even Arlington, Fort Worth all by itself ranks 20th in the nation in population, larger than both Boston and Washington, D.C.

    I almost got through the post without mentioning it, but what the heck: One person who compared OKC to Amarillo also made the comment: Fort Worth and Oklahoma City both started out as "Cowtowns". Fort Worth continues to use the moniker to aknowledge its roots and encourage tourism, but has moved on. He said that Oklahoma City still is a Cowtown though (I think he meant "podunk").

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    Cyburbian psylo's avatar
    Feb 2005
    South Carolina
    The one time I went to Little Rock, I thought it looks very similar to OKC. The town that really reminds me of OKC for some reason is Omaha. I have no idea why, but for some reason it does.

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    It's more similar than you think!

    I hate to resurrect an old thread but I found this through a google image search and was introduced to the Cyburbia forums, so here goes...

    Actually Oklahoma City is much more similar to the cities that were cited "larger" and "more important" in this discussion than it is to Little Rock and Wichita- two cities that are much smaller and less important (especially Wichita) than OKC. OKC is quite important in a historic sense since the 1995 terrorist attack that was at the time the largest ever on American soil, and in an urban planning sense since MAPS was passed in 1993, a program that has now sparked $2.5 billion in investment downtown, a number that is climbing exponentially, in addition to creating several one-of-a-kind cultural and entertainment attractions.

    Indianapolis has a canal, and so does Oklahoma City. It is the capital and largest city, in the geographic center of the state. By the way, Oklahoma City also has a big history in jazz- one district downtown that is the spark to one of the most remarkable residential comebacks in the city lately is "Deep Deuce," an area where African Americans lived and several famous jazz artists have come from.

    Louisville is undergoing a lot of urban change, including a riverfront development project, and so is Oklahoma City. Louisville deserves a pro sports team and wants one, so does OKC.

    Fort Worth has a Stockyards area, and Oklahoma City has a similar area called Stockyard City that is basically the same thing. Fort Worth is underappreciated, and so is OKC.

    Little Rock should definitely be comparable to OKC because it also has a very successful urban revitilization program, but it is really more like Tulsa, its sister city on the Arkansas River.

    I will not say that Oklahoma City is not a cowtown- because it is, at heart. But these days Oklahoma City is a role model in urban reinvention and planning, a hotbed of bioscience and health/technology research, a diverse city with sizeable and distinct Asian, Hispanic, and African American communities, and a beautiful city with many parks and lakes that actually has a lot smarter growth than it COULD have had, with more than 500,000 people fitting comfortably into 1/3 of the city's land area.

    I'm interested to know if perceptions have changed at all since Oklahoma City began hosting the Hornets NBA team- this has given the city a lot of global publicity, and I know the big-city-fun feeling that has given OKC the nickname "Loud City" has certainly surprised the NBA and the entire pro sports community. People simply have no idea or perception of what Oklahoma City is like, so it is lumped in with smaller cities that also seem to have no character to the mainstream public- but this is changing as more and more major events come to OKC. Lately with the Hornets there has been a burst of civic pride and outside attention that has already added even more momentum to the excellent changes occurring in urban Oklahoma City.

    Finally, some pictures for anyone who doesn't want to read:


    A great view of the city that can unfortunately only be had from a highrise (I think this is from Founders Tower)

    From The Classen condos between Midtown and the Asia District.

    CBD, Park Avenue

    Galleria Parking Garage, Under Construction

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