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Thread: Help with education

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    Help with education

    Is it possible to possible to put one's self through architecture undergrad? I have not been able to find one that encourages or is supporting to students who must work their way through. Also, student loans are not an option: right now I'm in the midst of settling some credit card fraud that was committed against me and thus, until it is settled, the loan companies will see me as a frightening prospect. I don't know what my next step should be regarding education and thus if you have any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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    Oct 2001

    Welcome to America!

    I'm assuming you are not a US citizen based upon your return address.

    Now, if you are not a US citizen: I suggest that you contact a school you can get admitted to, and their international student center, to find out about the legalities of working on a student visa.

    Find other nationals that have done it and ask a lot of questions. My wife worked her way through several Universities as a foreign national all the way to her Ph.D. So it is possible just hard. She helps other students from her country now. It will help if you can find a university with many of your fellow nationals and the program you are interested in taking. These folks can provide a sense of home when you are far away from home.

    If you are a US citizen - heck yes its possible. Save some money, find a school and get a job. I did it. Plenty of others have done it also.

    I might suggest good old Kansas State University (www.ksu.edu). They won't care if you are poor and need to work. That is the great thing about a state university. They see all kinds. And it is the Harvard of the Plains.

    If you are a US citizen consider the military as a potential source of college tuition money Of course, only if your ethics allow you to do so - mine had no problem with it. They have a wide variety of service and tuition options. Plus, you get to blow things up. Always a good skill set to have if you are an Architect (Howard Roark).

    Good luck, and enjoy your education because working sucks for the most part.
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