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Poll results: So how dumb is he?

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Thread: Okay... How stupid is *this* guy.

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    Oct 2001
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    Okay... How stupid is *this* guy.

    First, the background: Our local housing authority is refusing to give an easement to the city, and litigation may occur. The main guy behind this is the Exec. Dir. of the authority. To rein in this fellow (being the HA is an arm of the city), the Mayor is changing the HA board members as their terms expire, and replacing them with people who aren't just "yes men".

    The Mayor's first re-appointment? Me... The lucky planner. This was 6 months ago, and the next one comes up tonight. But we had the HA board meeting today, and I just can't believe what this man said in an open meeting... Ready?

    "I'm going to make it my job over the next four years to see that you and your boss (the City Admin.) are run out of town."

    My reply? "Sir, please let the minutes reflect that comment."

    What he doesn't realize is that the Mayor intends to have the new board contract with the city for services, which will make him... my employee.
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    Feb 1998
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    Can't top it, but here is a close second on the same topic:

    How stupid is this community? Several complaints about the housing authority are presented to the City Commission. The Planner given the task to "investigate" the housing authority operations. The planner finds enough dirt that the HA director leaves. After an "exhaustive" search, the most qualified person happens to be one of the city commissioners.

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    Jul 1998
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    Okay... How stupid is *this* guy

    What about this guy. He comes in yesterday and asks for our solid waste ordinance. After talking with him I find out he is mad because his garbage was not picked up. Seems he has a 45 gal can and the ordinance aliows cans between 25 and 35 gal. He leaves in a huff saying he was calling his lawyer because he didn't want to have to buy a new can. Walmart has cans for $4.95. How much legal advice do you think he'll get for that price....?

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    Feb 2000
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    Check this out!

    The County Administrator, who is not a crowd favorite, goes into a meeting with the County Commission to discuss his job duties. The County Administrator bursts into a diatribe about the lack of professionalism of the County Commissioners and the County form of goverment. Of course the local media is there. After the County Administrator was done, the County Commission voted unanimously to excuse the administrator of his duties effectively immediately.

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