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Thread: Adjacent Land Use Mitigation

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    Adjacent Land Use Mitigation

    Any ideas on how a porposed elderly housing complex could shield its tenants from the impact of an adjacent existing factory from noise, lighting, and especially smell? Other than landscaping and berming?

    As a side note, the factory falls under acceptable performace levels.

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    What kind of scale and mass are we talking about for each structure, and when you say adjacent, what is their physical distance?

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    Try to orient the buildings, entrances, porches, balconies away from the factory. Have the parking, garbage, etc on the side of the building facing the factory. As for the smell issue...not sure you can really get around that. Smell knows no boundaries. I guess that any problems that come up with this project would fall under the "Coming to the Nuisance" doctorine.

    Put deaf, blind, and smelling impared tenants on the side of the building nearest the factory or buy a bunch of these....just kidding!!

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    Designing the building so that there are a minimum number of openings (windows and doors, especially opening windows) on the side of the factory may work. Also the layout of the units should be such that "quiet" areas (bedrooms) should be located farther away then common and living areas. The other trick is to double up the walls. (ie 2 sheets of 5/8 gyprock, airspace/insulation, 2 sheets 5/8 gyprock) to reduce noise transmission.

    Check your building code for other suggestions.

    As for odor / dust, better air circulation systems and filters would probably be appropriate.
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    Without seeing a site plan it is a little difficult to know if terrain or other features may help. In general, though, architecture is going to be one of the best tools. Placing kitchens, loading areas, etc. along that side of the building will help to shield residents. If windows and balconies can be arranged to face away from the building, that may also help. My yard backs up to some factories, and even though the property line is a quarter mile or more from the house, I can still hear noise on occassion. I don't think there is too much you can do about that.

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