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Thread: Research Help

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    Research Help

    I'm a grad student at NMSU with interests in urban planning/historic preservation, and I need to find a source for scholarly articles on historic preservation, especially those that use statistical analysis. So far, all I find are news stories and articles without stats. Does anyone out there know of sources of historic preservation statistics?

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    What kind of statistics are you looking for? Maybe narrowing it down a little will help others give you the type of information you need.

    If you are looking at funding statistics and various programs... you may try the news archive at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

    If you are interested in Historic Preservation's impact on Economic Development, you may try this

    The NCPTT also has some information... but I've had a hard time navigating through this site.

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    I need an article in some sort of high-class journal that uses inferential statistics to prove some point. The case study in GA was interesting, but short on raw data that the review calls for. I am having trouble finding ANY journal of the caliber needed, that pertains to HP. I guess I could use one in planning, but I'm having a hard time finding one of those, too.

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    You are right. Although I have a stack of articles and books on historic preservation, none contain any statistical analysis. I did a quick search on "historic preservation" and "regression" and came up with this link, a paper which reviews some literature on the topic:


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