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Thread: Zoning for Tourist Towns

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    Dec 2001
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    Zoning for Tourist Towns

    OK so here it is....

    I'm updating the zoning ordinance for New Hope Borough in Bucks County, PA.

    This is a little town along the Delaware River which serves as a local tourist attraction, bringing in visitors from Philadelphia to New York and all points in between.

    The CBD (which is the tourist attraction) is essentially the definition of mixed use. We have residential, and every type of commercial imaginable (ranging from tatoos and body piercing to cigar shops and arts and craft shops). Think Key West, FL around Duvall Street and you have a good idea of the make up of New Hope.

    One of the main goals defined in the Comp Plan is to create a transitional zone between the CBD and the outer lying residential districts. Right now there is essentially no buffer between the CBD and the residential districts.

    Does anyone know of any tourist type towns like this that utilize this transitional zone concept that may have a zoning ordinance online? I'm in the process of trying to get Key West. Just some FYI...this is a brand new project and I haven't even met with the municipality yet, so I really don't have any idea what type of uses they were thinking of including in this transitional zone. But I'd like to be able to recommend some ideas if possible.

    Hit me back if you have any ideas....

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    Dec 2001
    Bucks County Pa.
    Suitable transitional uses would buffer the impacts of commercial uses upon the residential uses. Providing for lower intensity commercial uses and higher intensity residential uses may be effective. Commercial uses such as galleries, and small shops that may not generate as much pedestrian traffic as larger stores may serve as transitional uses. A limit could be placed on the size of the store or specify uses (galleries) that dont need a lot of space or have low impacts(sit down high quality restauarant).
    Residential uses such as apartment builidngs and single dwellings with accessory apartments may buffer lower diensty residental areas.

    Hope these ideas are helpful.

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