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Thread: Sprawl research insight

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    Sprawl research insight

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site/forum. I spent last evening reading through countless posts. I was impressed with what I saw.
    Could someone please tell me how I can easily find out the build dates within residential areas of cities and or suburbs. I'm doing some research for a project paper on urban sprawl as it relates to current and past trends.
    Thank you very much, any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    I'm not sure build dates for individual homes ect will be easy to find. Now you should be able to find when the area was opened for development by finding the plats of the city this should be available from your city or from the county. The county should have the final filed plats. The City should also have copies kept for their records probably in planning or engineering or public works.

    Good luck.

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    Sprawl Research

    I don't know how they do recording in TX, but the county or city should have a plat book that will tell when each subdivision or addition was opened, all the way back to the original townsite. One can make what is usually a very interesting historical map using that data. You do need to account for the reality that some platting is speculative and that development may not follow platting immediately or even, in some cases, for decades. You should be able to check the date that individual homes came onto the local tax roll with your county assessor office.

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