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Thread: The Sprinter is born -a new rail project in my part of the world

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    The Sprinter is born -a new rail project in my part of the world

    well I have to admit I'm excited about this project. I've been waiting for the feds to put the money into it.


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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California
    Interesting. I hope it does provide a needed service, as the article seems to indicate.

    Sometimes, when I am in my gloomier moods as a planner, I wonder if Reason Magazine and Richard Carson et al are right, and we should just eliminate most public transit, turn the few profitable routes over to private companies, and learn to love and facilitate auto-driven sprawl. This is only during my gloomier MOODS, of course (I am not Mugbub!)

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    I ride the bus aka the loser cruiser. The route that it is going is the most crowded on the buses, so it makes some sense. Eventually the san diego trolley will connect with this rail.

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