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Thread: Stupid Security Awards

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    Aug 2001
    Gale Crater

    Stupid Security Awards

    I heard about this on NPR this morning, on my drive into work. Thought you could use a good Friday morning chuckle:


    Most Egregiously Stupid Award

    Winner - The Australian Government for a litany of pointless, irritating and self-serving security measures

    Runner-Up - Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov for the "Propiska" Identity Papers

    Most Inexplicably Stupid Award

    Winner - Philadelphia International Airport for over-reaction to a bottle of cologne

    Runner-Up - Heathrow Airport for quarantining a quantity of green tea

    Most Annoyingly Stupid Award

    Winner - T-Mobile (UK) for pointless and idiotic financial security measures

    Runner-Up - Bay Area Rapid Transport (Bart) for closing its restrooms.

    Most Flagrantly Intrusive Award

    Winner - Delta Terminal at JFK Airport for forcing a nursing mother to drink her own breast milk

    Runner-Up - Carson City Correctional Facility, Michigan for forcing women visitors to wear bras.

    Most Stupidly Counter Productive Award

    Winner - San Francisco General Hospital for blind idiocy in its identity checking procedures

    Runner-Up San Francisco International Airport for endangering the public

    Dishonourable Mention

    The New Yorker Hotel, New York for aggressive, unnecessary and meaningless security measures.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Probably the best line in the article:

    "Two city police officers, who also came into contact with the cologne while examining its container, later went off to a doughnut shop and a 24-hour Rite Aid pharmacy in Philadelphia, officials said.

    He he.

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