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Thread: "Environmental Terrorist" - How to respond?

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    Feb 2003
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    "Environmental Terrorist" - How to respond?

    I have received comments recently on one of my staff reports indicating that I was part of an "environmental terrorism" group that would "steal land" from property owners (by allowing water quality improvement projects (in this case, a tidegate replacement) to move forward thereby increasing environmental regulations on their adjoining properties). It is contended that I am working to create a "spotted owl" issue in the slough by making the water cleaner.

    Does anybody have any appropriate responses to someone's liberal use of such terms as "eco-terrorist" or "nazi-planner". To me, it is very offensive, but maybe the best response is no response. BTW, the testimony is from an attorney who is a local property owner.

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    Re: "Environmental Terrorist" - How to respond?

    Originally posted by plankton
    IBTW, the testimony is from an attorney who is a local property owner.
    Too easy. Report them to the state bar association. Our state has recently prosecuted individuals for "paper terrorism".

    Sounds to me like you're a victim!

    Aside from that:

    1) Make their written comments public. It's not slander or libel when its in their own words. If they'll look stupid, you win.

    2) Admitting to creating a "spotted owl" issue, you might desrve some of the flack.

    3) How valid are the takings claims?

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    Aug 2001
    I would ignore the terminology such as eco-terrorism. If there are any valid points that have not been addressed yet, then I would include it in either your SEPA determination or the shoreline permit conditions or language. If you did MDNS, you could always reissue... or if it was big enough that it took an EIS, you could include discussion of the letter (and even the letter itself) in the FEIS, or a formal response to comments appendix. There are a lot of ways to incorporate the info... what part of the process are you in right now? I used to work in WA... so I'm familiar with their processes. Oh wait... or are you in Oregon. If that's the case, it may be different...

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    Feb 2002
    First question: who made the comment? Crackpot property rights nut (like myself) or Chairman of the elected juristictional board?

    Big difference.

    Ignore. Unless its true, of course.

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