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Thread: Internet Cafes

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    Internet Cafes

    Does anyone have any information about zoning restrictions being placed on internet cafes (locational criteria, hours of operation, zoning districts etc...). Any new regulations out there that would provide some useful guidance to a municipality considering their regulation in a zoning bylaw?

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    What separates and internet cafe from a regular cafe?? Why the need to distinguish between them? Don't regular cafes have computers?

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    For once I agree with Prudence...

    But while we're on the subject there are two great business ideas that Prudence and I have been discussing, and want to get the planning community's perspective on zoning:

    1. A mexican restaurant and driving range. Hit a bucket of balls while sipping Gold Margaritas, then retire to the lounge for a few Chimi's. I assume that this is two principal uses...

    2. An Easy Bake Oven Cafe. IMAGINE IT! Rows of small countertops lined with Easy Bake Ovens, you come to the hostess to get your cake mix and pan (so no carry-ins allowed) and light bulb (to assure you've paid for your oven time). There will be a Starbucks Kiosk, and maybe a Red Bull vending machine. Special promo nights like Singles Nite and Marie Antoinette look-alike contests.... And sorry, but all Hashish Brownies will be confiscated by The Management, man. This could be the one that lets me retire early!

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    A city near Los Angeses (Garden Grove, I think) recently placed a moratorium on Internet cafes. For some reason that escapes me, they're becoming associated with juvenile deliquency -- Internet cafes are thought of as the equivalent of the video arcade 20 years ago.
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